woensdag 17 augustus 2011


The little mending problems are solved.
Often these mending-things are lying around
and get dusted over before they are done.
But these weren't mine !

First I took care of the burning accident

I chose the shape of a heart because the hole looked a bit like one


When I think about "burns"
I always think of the most beautiful burns I've ever seen,
you'll find them over here at Cecilia's.

Then came the second and more difficult problem
of the right-angled tear.
The fabric, some Indian cotton, is very loose and thin
so there was no way I could "wonder-under" something behind it.
I took a small thin strip of a similar colour
and used Jude's "invisible basting stitch" to attach it to the garment.

... the beginning, still with pins in it at the right side ...

... and this was what the inside looked like.
Done !

( I brought both pieces back tonight,
so M can wear her new trousers when the weather stays as warm as it is )

I did some machine-stitching on some little felt pieces

( I admire Jackie yet more than I already did ! )

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