donderdag 4 augustus 2011

more water

There was time in the sun to stitch a bit more
on "water"

The little pleats are stitched.
They are there because I added Jude's cloud.
So the strip on the left side had to come down a bit : 
I didn't want to loose the nice "lightning" on it.
But then I realized I had stitched the bottom part already, so ...

I discovered something else.
Normaly I use one or two strands of  DMC embroidery floss,
I especially love the variegated colours.

But you can also find silk thread !
When you cut "doupion silk" the thicker weft threads come loose very easy.
Don't throw them away ! You can very good stitch with them !!!

The lavender thread in the needle is left-over doupion silk !
( easy also in the split- backstitch ! )

Something happened in the water next to the garden this afternoon.
A pair of swans with kids were on the little island, resting and grooming.
Then a lone male swam came with much noise of wing flapping.

"Papa" came down from his island while "Mama" and her two youngsters
disappeared through the "back door"

Then there was some real show-off !
they were trying to intimidate each other ....

... broad wings, heads back ... turning and turning around each other ...

It was really quite impressive and spectacular !
( but no harm done ! )

After a good five minutes or so
each one shook his tail, flapped his wings ....
and went his own way
( that would be the way to fight a war ...! )

9 opmerkingen:

  1. This piece is so beautiful, Els. I love the embroidery you're doing!

  2. Great post, Els! I am so intrigued by your stitching - and the Swan War is fascinating. Thanks for the tip re: silk thread - will try this. love, sus

  3. I love your water piece. It reminds me of the best parts of summer. The swans are gorgeous! Have a beautiful weekend.

  4. watching water stitch and then more and more..
    love so much watching process...the decision

  5. What very beautiful piecing and stitching...truly inspired.

  6. A lovely stitched piece- and fabulous swan photographs. Your blog always is eye catching and evocative, Els!