donderdag 25 augustus 2011

something new

Always when I'm floating around on the internet
I find new interesting things and ideas.
Quite some times I'm amazed
what people are making :
so many beautiful things are being made !

In the "felting business" I like very much what Gabi is doing :
I love her animals and "persons"
they're friendly and funny !
( I love it when people put some humour in their art,
like Annette Quentin-Stoll who wrote two wonderful books about felting )

I did my first try-out on figures a few days ago :
a little chicken

... and admired Gabi's work a lot more after that !

She gave a lot of good advise on her site
( but I had to cheat at the comb and the tail :
sorry, I used a felting needle ...! )

Although this wet-felting figures technique isn't quite so easy
I had another go today.

... started wrong, cheated again, this time with thread and needle ...

... had some better wool to fit all together ...
( a lot depends on the kind of wool you work with ! )

... and here the little fella finally was after some good hours of work
in his own soapy swimming pool !

I like him ( her ? )
although there isn't a real face yet.
That will come later
( and hair and cloths ofcourse .... )

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I think this little woo lie floating chappy is charming!

  2. Oh my word he/she is Soooooo cute!!!

  3. That's amazing - I didn't know that was possible! He (she) looks very happy in the pool.

  4. Wat een leukerd Els :-) Ik word blij van alle moois dat je maakt.

  5. Das Menschlein sieht ganz süß aus, ich hoffe, Du zeigst es uns, wenn es ganz fertig ist!
    Und auch das Huhn ist super gelungen!
    Liebe Grüße