zondag 1 juni 2014

change in the garden

The heavy rains of some days ago are gone
and there is more sunshine again,
but the garden has changed.

The beautiful poppies are gone ofcourse,
but also the lots and lots of Allium roseum
are over now

no seeeds, but tiny tiny dark red brood balls,
each one a promise for a new plant
in the future ...

but ..... I have really enough of them 
so I cut or gently pull them out.
When I accidently also pull the white bulbs 
I cut them off and will keep them for a friend 
(so she can enjoy their abundance as well !)

But with these Alliums out, there's enough else left

enough so to take some flowers inside

(Rose, Nigella, Prunella, Phuopsis, Ornithogalum magnum) 

There is always something to do and to enjoy in a garden

Man is thinking about making a new stitch-and-burn mandala

a beautiful flower on its own
(keep you posted about the progress)

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