maandag 2 juni 2014

today felt like stitching

Suddenly came to me, that
today felt like stitching.

I collected some bits and pieces this morning,
then a book to read the last bit till the end,
and some other business after lunch ...

so late in the afternoon I finally could get started.

Three very thin layers to start with
and the pointy turquoise piece :

a star it would be.

Ofcourse I began with glueing the green
layers to the white base
(probably will never do it any different 
since learning that from Jude !)

It felt so good to stitch again

O yes, that black and white strip will be definately in there somewhere !

After dinner I continued till the daylight was fading  somewhat,
I don't like stitching with lamplight in summer.

Here's a friendly face
and the strip is so narrow
I could thread it through a needle and pull it through
to the front :
a star with a tail 

The project I was working on the last few days
has almost come to a standstill :

At this moment the ball of yarn is almost gone ...
and I'm NOT finished with the pattern !!!
So ...
what shall I do ?
Frog the last bit and make it smaller ?
Buy a new ball ?
Ask around if anyone has a bit of this colour left ?
Don't know yet what to do

(ha, that's funny, now that I see the pictures together :
similar colours !)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Els, I love your star, it makes me smile.
    I would say buy a new ball, it´s worth.

  2. De kleuren van het `quiltje` en van het gebreide stuk passen helemaal

  3. Grün und Blau passt wunderbar! Grüner Wald und blauer Himmel, so stellt es die Natur selber zusammen.