donderdag 26 juni 2014

continuing challenge ... and

The fun "Challenge" 
Sara started several weeks ago
is nearing it's end.
All the instructions for the possible pages are done 
and so is the one for the cover.
That leaves only the binding of the pages.

You might recall, my theme for the challenge booklet is
This is the last page I made,
though in fact it will be the first or the second one of the booklet.

On the fabric that I've sewn to the back
is written :

"a line
is a dot
that went for a walk"

(that would have been said by Paul Klee)

In one of the instructions Sara suggested to integrate some thin wire.
I had this shiny green wire in my stash
and made the leaves with nail polish.
(another suggestion)

For the cover, I made three parts.

I worked a bit more on them
and I think they're okay now

Back, spine and front.

I made the spine probably too wide,
but I didn't know how thick the stack of pages would be 

This Sunday we'll probably get the last instruction for binding the pages,
though some have allready finished ther booklet.

Anyway, it was a fun thing to participade !

Almost forgot : I won a give away !!!

At Jackie's blog Stitchworks

I LOVE the work she makes and she greatly inspires me !
(well, I say "I never ever win"  and I didn't expect to this time either ...)

Today arrived a lovely pouch,
hand painted and stitched !

with a super fun "button"

I was so delighted I made her a "thank-you-mandala"
which went in the mail right away

(ha, only a sneak peek for you)

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Cant wait to see your book all bound up. The pages are so good. Lucky you with the win - I can imagine how exciting it was to receive the little bag.

  2. The book you are making is so exciting, Els. Especially I love the green leaves on their wire stem breaking free from the confines. Marvelous work. Make sure you show us the final product!
    xxoo, sus

  3. Looking forward to receiving my picture, very kind and thank you for the mention.