maandag 9 juni 2014

knocked out ... but it was fun

This morning the alarm went off early
because daughter and I were making our trip
to the market in Zeeland.

The forecast said sunny weather
but heavy thunderstorms late in the afternoon,
well, we would deal with that later.

When we arrived in bright sunshine
we set up the small marquee
(that we bought yesterday)

in a lovely spot next to a walnut tree.

One of the boxes with yummy stuff to unpack

After our two makeshift sides were fastened
there was quite a bit of wind
would it remain standing ???

The wind was probably caused by some storm elsewhere
but it died down relatively quickly
pfffffffffffft !

THIS was what our stall looked like 
with daughter's wonderful sun-and-moon rug as focal point !!!

Daughter brought her spinning wheel

 and we had a little lottery for Pink Ribbon

Later the sun came out again and it became really hot !
Lots of friends visited and we sat together
in the shade of the walnut tree.

We got many compliments on our work
and we sold some items too    ;-) 

But the daughter of the owner made a tour along the stalls
in the afternoon, "that heavy rain was expected soon" !
That was the signal to end the fun ...
much earlier then intended.
But on the way back we still expected (and got) 
a lot of traffic on the road.

At home, Man had some dinner ready for us
and only then I realised how knocked out I was
but :
we had a fun day !

 (and we hope our buyers will be happy with their purchases)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. It was a knock-out looking marquee! Good investment, you have to do it again. Lovely rainbow spinning wheel daughter owns. Love that honey sucker tatt on her shoulder too!

  2. Well I wish I could have seen it for real, the stall looks fabulous :)

  3. The sun and moon rug looks great! What a work. At the first look I thought thats paint ...

    Hugs Doris

  4. Mooi winkeltje, lekker in de schaduw, het ziet er super uit!
    Gaaf spinnewiel :)
    Ben blij dat jullie zo'n goede dag hebben gehad!
    Groetjes, Mirjam.

  5. Schön, Els, und Glück gehabt mit dem Wetter- bei uns war es nicht so
    locker- nach dem Gewitter (es kam viel zu früh) war der Markt vorbei..
    Liebe Grüße

  6. I love your daughters rainbow spinning wheel did she paint that herself?
    That sun and moon rug is beautiful! Is it felted?

  7. Tęczowy kołowrotek jest obłędny. Żal mi, że nie potrafię prząść.