vrijdag 6 juni 2014

many, many stitches

I work in waves.

Waves of felting,

These last few days I did many, many, many stitches.

On the back of this number 2 tiny quilt
you can see them far better than on the front side
(hi hi hi, I like this picture)

It all started like this :
an idea, a glue-stitched background
and some snippets of cloth.
(this time most of the snippets came from Sus,
a lovely present she once sent me)

After a lot of stitches with one or two threads embroidery floss

this is the final face,   meooooow !

But, as I mentioned before, I work in waves, so :

another start, number 3 : grass !


(it's getting monotonous)
many, many, many more stitches


(I'm not cheating)
it's me : 

(15  x  15cm)

Why am I working so hard ???
Daughter and I are going to a market on 2nd Pentecost
(this Monday)
in Ouwerkerk, Zeeland
(and I will also take these beauties with me)

Hope to see you there  ;-)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ... especially wonderful, those backs ;>]

  2. Your waves are looking great!
    Hugs Doris

  3. Beautiful! I like your cats face!
    I planted the rest of my bulbs today and I was thinking of your beautiful garden.

  4. Els, your cheetah and mountains just made my day-
    so wonderful to view your lovely work.
    Cecilia G.