donderdag 4 september 2014

exchange to and fro

In our felting exchange
we had the two "holiday months" July and August
together for one exchange.
You should think that was plenty of time
to accomplish that "big task"

Well, it really was on my to-do-list
(but probably too far at the end)

So then came my wake-up call

a wonderful  red  feather from Karin

presentable on both sides !

THANK YOU, Karin  !

So I went to work at once !!!

to make a "woman"
(Karin's theme)

In fact, I decidede to make only "half a woman"

After the felting, there was some stitching

Here's the little woman, ready to go in the mail ...

... swimming all the way to Nijmegen
to join the other "women" that are already there   


Then I took some more wool 

(a lot in fact) 
to start a scarrf

And while the scarf was a LOT of gentle rolling,

I started some small things too !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Els your blog is like springs and summer.....such a busy happy place full of colour! Thank you for your visit x

  2. I love your mermaid, she's so cute and your scarf is just my colours. Can you show when you're finished?

  3. Wauw Els, lekker bezig! De zeemeermin is fantastisch geworden....
    Ben ook benieuwd naar je sjaal :-).

  4. wat een mooie veer! Maar wat jij maakt is ook weer byzonder mooi....ik wacht op je..hihi