woensdag 11 oktober 2017

day 11

I made a little felt
with a conical shape in turquoise blues and green.
(a hollow form that I cut at the end)
Then I stitched one side together
before drying
(that was some days ago)
Today I gathered lots of different seed beads
in the same colours and started stitching.

Here is my PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for day 11

Horn shaped felted brooch
with a curly tail
and filled with lots of different beads and sequins
(7,5 x 5,5 cm)

This little sea green "horn of plenty"
is a reminder of the sea
(  which is also filled with plenty, if we manage
to keep (make) it clean (again) )

For a donation of

€ 10


this jewel can be yours,
to wear or to give as a present.
All you need to do is send me an email at
and I'll tell you the rest

All the money you give goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


(the beginning)

See you tomorrow with my next Textile Jewel !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig vind ik deze weer. Als het in herfstkleuren was uitgevoerd had ik meteen gekocht....

    1. Er is al een liefhebber, Baukje ;-)
      (dankjewel in ieder geval, er komt vast nog wel wat)