vrijdag 6 oktober 2017

day 6

My day started with tiny wet felts.
Later on there was stitching.

It's good, but kind of scary too :
the jewels are being sold under my hands away
(... until now at least  ;-) !)

I had to do a LOT today
because tomorrow I will be away for the day :
the national meeting of the Vilt Kontakt Groep
(Dutch felting association)
so definitely no time for a Textile Jewel !

Here is my PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for day 6

A dark gray hollow brooch, turquoise on the inside
( 5 cm diameter)
embroidered with cotton and tiny seed beads.
(it's asymmetrical)

For you maybe ?
As a present for someone dear ?

For a donation of 

€ 10


it can be yours.
You just need to send me an email at
and I'll tell you the rest.

All the money (extra is allowed  ;-) ...) goes to Pink Ribbon !


See you tomorrow :
a Textile Jewel as usual !


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Deze keer niet voor mij, morgen misschien? Veel succes morgén

    1. :-)
      Dankjewel Baukje, wordt vast leuk morgen !

  2. i'm glad you're is again, I really enjoy coming to see your beautiful little jewels each day.

  3. That should be 'glad you're doing this again'....my keyboard is being naughty.

  4. Ik zie nu pas die ene roze kraal, erg subtielen mooi