vrijdag 6 oktober 2017

day 6

My day started with tiny wet felts.
Later on there was stitching.

It's good, but kind of scary too :
the jewels are being sold under my hands away
(... until now at least  ;-) !)

I had to do a LOT today
because tomorrow I will be away for the day :
the national meeting of the Vilt Kontakt Groep
(Dutch felting association)
so definitely no time for a Textile Jewel !

Here is my PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for day 6

A dark gray hollow brooch, turquoise on the inside
( 5 cm diameter)
embroidered with cotton and tiny seed beads.
(it's asymmetrical)

For you maybe ?
As a present for someone dear ?

For a donation of 

€ 10


it can be yours.
You just need to send me an email at
and I'll tell you the rest.

All the money (extra is allowed  ;-) ...) goes to Pink Ribbon !


See you tomorrow :
a Textile Jewel as usual !


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