zondag 29 oktober 2017

day 29

Always a funny day
when the clock is turned back an hour
My body tells me something else
than the clock on the wall
(and does it really do that much good ...
that summer and winter time ?  Some people say so
Hmmmm ... can sleep an hour longer tomorrow)

I made some more little felted pieces,
though the month is nearly over
there are still some
extras to make.

The PINK  RIBBON  Textile Jewel for day 29

A dark pink wet felted hollow brooch,
stitched with silk,
with small and bigger glass beads.
(5,5 cm)

A bright statement on any garment !

For a donation of

€ 10


(or more ... is allowed)
this brooch can be yours.
It makes a perfect present for a dear friend
(or, why not, for yourself !)
All you need to do is send me an email at
and I'll tell you what to do next.
This brooch can be easily sent
in an envelope to wherever you live.

ALL the money goes to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


Ohhhhh ... only two more days
See you tomorrow for the next
Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel !

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