dinsdag 3 oktober 2017

day 3

I was glad that some little wet felted pieces
were done yesterday.
Had to go to the dentist in Rotterdam
( nooo ... just a checkup ... pfffffft )
and visited a friend, so there wasn't that much time left
when I was back home.
But I managed to finish it in time, and make some pictures
during a sunny moment between rain showers.

Here is the PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel for day 3

A hollow warm brown wet felted brooch
(5 cm)
stitched with cotton and silk,
with sequins and tiny seed beads.

A lovely piece that would, because of its size,
even fit on the lapel of a jacket.

For a donation of

€  10


it can be yours.
Sending an email is all you have to do
to make sure it lands on your doorstep,

All the money will go to the Pink Ribbon Fund !


(here is was yesterday)

See you tomorrow with the next Textile jewel !

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  1. Reacties
    1. Thanks Mrs. B ... every day a new one, every day new inspiration (I hope)

  2. love watching your daily making each year for this worthy cause, so good that you are still with us (((Els))) sadly so many friends have died from breast cancer...

    1. ((Mo)) always a bit nervous in the beginning ...
      Yes Mo, too many ! That's one of the reasons to do this