vrijdag 1 oktober 2021

PINK RIBBON . . . day 1 (post 1000 !)

Another year
another October month
another PINK  RIBBON month !

And post one thousand . . . ???
Who would have thought that when it all started
after the online "Beasts"-class of Jude Hill ?
Certainly not me !
Eleven years and a thousand posts on the day !
(Oh yes, the giveaway will follow, just not today, but keep that in mind too !)

Again I will make a Textile Jewel every day of this month
and sell it to any of you out there
who loves to buy a wearable special little work of art
(for her(him)self or someone dear)
and at the same time donating money to the
(and the "Borstkanker Vereniging Nederlad")

Because there is still need for this
because still lots of women (and men too !)
get the diagnose BREAST CANCER
and have to start their struggle with the disease !
For me it is more than 23 years now
since I was diagnosed, had surgery and chemo after that,
but I'm lucky and still here !
That's why I do this,
with your help !!!

For research into new treatment methods and aftercare
for breast cancer patients, Pink Ribbon needs money !

So here is the PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day 1

A mint green felt fish brooch
embroidered, with sequins and seed beads
(8cm,  3.15")

For a donation of
(at least)

€ 15


this fish brooch can be yours
to wear or to give as a present
to a friend, sister, mother, daughter . . .
You just need to send me an email at
or say so in the comments down here
and everything will be arranged 
(PayPal is possible and easy !)

All the money goes to PINK RIBBON !


I hope you help me to make this a success again
see you tomorrow !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. yay for your 1000 posts (((Els))) so good you are still here on the planet making your beautiful art, may you have many more years!

  2. a wonderful milestone ... congratulations ... and oh, how I wish I had found Jude 11 years ago