donderdag 27 oktober 2022

day 27

Another quite warm day for this time of year,
November is normally the time for lots of rain and storm !
(though I hardly came outside :
felting and stitching was needed first)

Something else again
and another pair of earrings this time
(I already told you I have loads or earrings myself :
so sad I have only two ears . . . !)

My PNIK RIBBON Textile Jewel(s)
for day 27 :

wet felted earrings, with some glitzy purple inside
and seed beads at the bottom
($ cm,    2")

For a donation
of at least

€ 15


these earrings can be yours.
A bit of fire (or a bit of gnome) 
just for the fun of it !
You can send me an email at
or tell me in the comments below this post.
Then we'll arrange the rest.
Paypal is possible and easy
(+ postage)

ALL the money will go to PINK RIBBON !


Tomorrow there will be
of course
a new Pink Ribbon Textile Jewel for you !


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