zondag 21 september 2014

(almost) equinox

Is it on September 21 or 23 ?
Well does it really matter much ?

Days and nights evening out.
For us the days will get shorter from now on
and for my friends "down under"
the days are just getting longer again 

In fact it's a great time to be working on my sun and moons a bit more

These are the He and She moon, that are in the right hand top corner.
I thought of cutting "him" out or making
some needle turned appliqué
but I decided otherwise

For this one I thought stitching was better
than to cut or appliqué.

The left one of the three yellow / green moons together
just looked like an eye when I was doing some outline
so I really turned it into an eye !
(bad photo ... so that will follow some other time)

I need to do some stitching on the butterfly moon too ...
It is such a big piece :
I hop from one end to another

9 opmerkingen:

  1. It's going to a long time to wait for the sun to come back. This sun is beautiful.

  2. He and ashe moon...I like this idea!!

  3. It's great to be able to follow your process of making.

  4. Amazing cloth Els. Yes our days are getting warmer and longer, but we in Melbourne know that winter never leave us! Enjoy adding stitching to that wonderful cloth - Hugs Nat

  5. yes, the days are indeed getting shorter. I do like the dark evenings when I'm all warm and snug at home....

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  7. Hi Els,
    Lovely to find you are still here posting and creating beautiful sewing pieces. It's really magical to create during autumn time. I love suns and moons as symbols of male and female in balance with each other. They are working in perfect harmony in your work. Such a beautiful piece!
    Happy Autmn Equinox!