zondag 14 september 2014

joy and sadness in one day ( 14 - 9 - 14 )

Yesterday daughter and I
went to this special market with our felt pieces,
some little art quilts, some drawings, 
and daughter's spinning wheel.

Our little marquee had been set up for us already !

This time I had some Velcro strips stitched on top
and ribbons to tie to the poles on the side
of the two fabric side walls.
(so it was a much easier job to attach than the last time !)
Then we could start unpacking right away.

Apart from lovely people with other stands 
there was catering with lots of homemade goodies
and some musicians too.
There was some wonderful energy moving around !

Though we had quite a lot of wind at the beginning
really soon the sun came out
and the visitors started to come. 

Sadly enough
I had to leave this joyful place halfway through the day.

Man and I went to Zwolle
to say our final goodbyes to a very dear old friend.

It was so good to see both daughters
painting this wonderful and joyful picture
of the strong, kind and loving man their father had been.

(he was a gym teacher and sportsman and
we met more than forty years ago on a skiing holiday)

They had been asked to do so four years ago
and they then had hoped he would grow 
at least 91 before they had to do this;
but it was decided otherwise, 
at just 76 ...

There were lots of bouquets of orange flowers
around the coffin during the ceremony :
he loved orange flowers

I made a bright orange felted flower
that I gave to his wife afterwards.

Dear Bob, we're all gonna miss you

5 opmerkingen:

  1. My love and sympathy go to you and Man, dear Els.
    xxoo, sus

  2. Wat verdrietig Els...
    Ik wens jullie veel sterkte. Liefs en een extra knuffel van Mirjam.

  3. "Das schönste Denkmal, was ein Mensch bekommen kann, steht im Herzen der Mitmenschen."
    Albert Schweitzer

    Liebe Grüsse Doris

  4. I understand your sadness.....it's hard to say goodbye to people we care about....