vrijdag 5 september 2014

finally ...

I was  fi nal ly  visiting my dear blogging friend 

We made arrangements for a visit quite a few times before
but "life" always played some tricks
so we had to wait for another opportunity
but today it all worked out all right

And YES,
it was everything we thought it would be :
a long day talking as dear old friends
(what we are in some way) 

Of course we talked about felting
stitching and dyeing
in natural or more bright colours

She had a wonderful gift for me 

a lovely magic stitched pouch
and a huge piece of eco-dyed silk

The féél of that pouch ... and the stitches on it


(little highlighted marks on the back)

Mmmmmmm so happy with it, Yvette !!!

Now I can finally show what I made for Yvette :
for her I made the-very-first-ever "Rainbow pot", a blue one,

with some green sparkles inside 
(a tiny "pot of gold" at the end of the rainbow ?)
(mmmmm, Yvette can use that when the pain hurts her badly)

Here it is with some of  its friend that followed
(because I got a bit carried away with that first little pot)

But because Yvette and I "met"at Jude's Spirit cloth place
(and Jude = stitch for me)
there had to be a lot of stitches on the pot

Thén the first choice of beads had to come off
but finally :

all finished.
(I don't think it was a coincidence that blue is Yvette's favourite colour ...) 

for a lovely day


7 opmerkingen:

  1. a sparkling super day symbolised with that blue sparkling pot!
    Els you are such a lovely women with such beautiful work and every time my eye meets your pot.....smile smile smile

  2. how lovely that you made dear friendship this way....

  3. This is very sweet and I love what both of your made each other .. what a lovely day for you and for us to know about. : )

  4. juweeltjes hebben jullie elkaar gegeven

  5. I'm glad you and Yvette finally met! Lovely exchanges from both your gorgeous hand creation. The pouch and pot are perfect vessels to hold your friendship in. I've met Jacky in Jude's workshop too and we became good friends. Enjoy and treasure - Hugs Nat

  6. Ik herkende Yvette's werk voordat ik je tekst gelezen had, ze heeft een heel uitgesproken eigen stijl, vind ik mooi,
    Fijn dat jullie zo'n leuke dag hadden samen en dat ik toch even jouw stem kon horen..............

  7. That little rainbow pot and all the others you have created are really special. Very beautiful.