zaterdag 27 september 2014

an eye

on progress !

This is "Eye" moon.
It is one of the three moons dyed by Jude
that were in a package of goodies she once sent me.

In fact there are a LOT more blue coloured strips of fabric
(all around the piece)
that were once a double woven piece by Jude.
The three moons are looking through a hole 
she had cut in one of the strips.
(ha, I told here I was taking it apart
and using it in a different way :
she laughed and told me it was fine) 

So, this Eye moon is now keeping an eye
on the slow but steady progress
on my Sun & Moons piece.

(my thread nest, thimble and pliers right next to me)

Two corner, where I extended the pattern
of the black and blue fabric onto the blue border strip.

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