dinsdag 30 september 2014

autumn is near ... and a butterfly moon

This September month has been
very warm and dry.

I was in the garden a lot of times :
cleaning, pruning bits and pieces 
but most of all enjoying the good sunny weather

The end of the Polygonatum (Solomon's seal)

Sometimes all of a sudden there is a flow in the water
that sweeps away all the duckweed

Last bits of colour ...

and me ...
last Sunday afternoon !

And like the "Eye" moon saw :
progress is slowly but steady

Please welcome : Miss Butterfly moon !

And though she's looking a bit cross (I think)
she is now nearly done !


Tomorrow starts a new month, 
that's the month for "Pink Ribbon"
and breastcancer awareness !
(it's also my 4th blogaversary)
I have a very special plan for it.
See you tomorrow !

7 opmerkingen:

  1. How nice to put your face with your name/blog!!!1

  2. Lovely and peaceful sight of you sit and stitch in the sun. Your cloth looks amazing. I have one going too. A boro cloth, but no where near finish it - Enjoy Nat

  3. Miss butterfly moon - how lovely! This piece is going to be gorgeous! :-)

  4. ach, ja de herfst is er weer en ook bij ons is de sloot zo mooi gemarmerd groen. Dat is echt genieten. Wat een prachtig quilt heb jij gemaakt. En mooi foto van jou, er straalt zo veel rust vanuit.

  5. I love this !!! It's so beautiful !!!

  6. Your "Miss Butterfly Moon" is beautiful, I love all the details.