vrijdag 19 september 2014

sun and moons (and a garden)

When I took my sun & moons piece 
with me to Yvette, it had been quite some time
since I last stitched on it.
That's what happens sometimes :
things are tucked away,
waiting till their turn comes again. 

When I opened it up
I took my little special bag with variegated threads
and in it were the new bits I bought
at HAWAR's lovely shop.

There were all kinds of red thread and lace band in it,
and the lace band triggered the next step

I could have couched it  but I sewed it on invisible
because I liked to see the change in colour.
At the same time I added my magic thread
around the sun.

(waiting for thousends of stitches more)

Almost forgot 
that I had a lovely belated birthday present last week :
a friend took me to a wonderful garden.
I drove up to her house,
we rode on a bike to the ferry,
crossed the river and came to the
("Hodgepodge garden")

(sorry but the site is only in Dutch)

The weather was so beatiful.
We had a stroll around the garden
and then had some tea
and also some delicious homemade jam.

It was such a wonderful afternoon !

Thanks Mir

(we will return next year for a workshop ...
making Calendula ointment perhaps)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Zon en maan wordt schitterend!
    Wat een heerlijke struintuin...
    Fijn weekend!

  2. The Sun and Moon piece is coming along so nicely....esp. like the stitching you did to create the eyes.

  3. Just found your blog in the internet and I am amazed about your sun!

  4. all that green! and your beautiful colors!
    I wish you a nice, colorful Sunday!

  5. What a wonderful piece! Amazing colors!
    Those pumkins are incredible!
    Happy autumn!!!