vrijdag 14 oktober 2016

day 14

Today is Man's special birthday :
but since we already had our  B I G  party
earlier in September,
the day is quiet !

Quiet, but not without some delicious sweet !

When I woke up this morning
and realized it was this special day
I immediately had a new (better) idea
for today's  Textile Jewel
(I started a new one
and didn't continue the one I already cut out yesterday)

The Pink Ribbon  textile jewel for the lovely day  14

A spring green heart
made of felt and a Kaffe Fassett fabric back.
Embroidered with silk and rayon
and some tiny seed beads
(even my smallest needle had trouble with them !)

It might be a brooch
it might be a pendant :
(I'll wait what the one who snaps up this little heart wants ...)


€ 10

and you can decide what it will be !
Just send me an email at

All the money will be for the Pink Ribbon fund !

The making of ...


(Ahhhh ... just in time before we're off to eat dinner somewhere nice !)

See you tomorrow with the next Textile Jewel !

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nu dat ik deze opnieuw zie, moest ik meteen aan een vriendin denken. Dus, deze is ook verkocht (als die nog niet verkocht is ;-)