zondag 9 oktober 2016

day 9 (and family day)

We had a fun family day
with the grandsons
(the big sister stayed at home)

But before that
my jewel for today was finished !

The Pink Ribbon textile jewel for day 9

A dark blue / aubergine circle brooch
of hand dyed felt and a fabric back
(5 cm diameter) 
embroidered with a silk spiral
and seed beads all around the edge.

A lovely brooch for a coat, a sweater or on a shawl.
This can be yours, or a present
for someone dear.



€ 10

donation it comes to you.
All you need to do is send me an email at

All the money will go to the Pink Ribbon fund

(and sure : you can donate móre if you want !)

Purple haze


"Miniworld" right in the city of Rotterdam,
is not only fun for children ...
but I think that many a grown-up man
with a passion for playing with toy trains will LOVE this !
Day and night in twenty minutes,
old (before WW II) buildings next to new ones,
old familiar windmills and modern ones for electricity ...
( ha, a celebration of recognition for people who come from here !)
Ahhhh : enjoy the little video ...!

(a little push if a train seems to falter )

(of course the Feijenoord Stadium)

(even the giant stairs that were build to the top
of the "Groothandelsgebouw" were there in miniature !)

It was FUN !

See you tomorrow, with my next Jewel !

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