woensdag 5 oktober 2016

day 5

Man and I had a busy morning :
visiting our youngest grandson's school class
Right now they're working along the "family" theme.
Because it's also a special week and a half
for children's books (with the theme : "grandparents")
this special visit was arranged !

His teacher, my former colleague, had asked me
to read my favorite picture book for the children,
which of course I did.
I  LOVE that
(I still have many picture books in the book case at home)
It was really fun !!!

But this took a big bite of my "stitching" day.
I started one textile jewel,
and another,
but they are not quite finished yet
so ...
to my back-up plan : a jewel I made earlier.

Pink Ribbon textile jewel  5

A cobalt blue pendant hanging on a long double ribbon
with a back of batik fabric
( 8 x 6 cm  )
embroidered with cotton and rayon, 
one big and several small glass beads.


€ 10

you can have this striking blue beauty,
for yourself or as a present for someone dear.
All you need to do, is send me an email at

You know that all your money will go to the Pink Ribbon fund.


See you tomorrow with the next Textile Jewel !

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, Els. Your fiber jewelry is so beautiful. The earrings are a kick! Love the colors you're using.
    best, nadia

    1. Thanks my dear Nadia !
      (you know about colour too ...)

  2. Hai Els, wat maak je weer prachtig juwelen!
    Ik wacht even tot er misschien één voorbijkomt met zwart of grijs? Groetjes, Siets

  3. I couldn't find the pink bead. Love your plan of a Pink Ribbon textile jewel every day and all the jewels made so far!