zondag 2 oktober 2016

day 2

Today was a really autumnal day :
there was a tiny bit of sunshine
(so I could stitch near the window)
but there was a lot of wind and big dark clouds and rain
(so I had to stitch by lamp light)

My textile jewel fits with this autumn day.

Here is Pink Ribbon Jewel 2

Another pendant, hanging on a double ribbon
(4.5 x 9 cm)
made of felt and fabric
embroidered with cotton, rayon and silk
embellished with beads.

I thought of trees and the flow of life,
making it.
Do you love trees too ? 

€ 10

this textile jewel could be yours,
Just let me know at


All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

While I was working on this pendant
our cats were pampered by Man

Well ... he had to because they just go sit on top of 
the things he's doing .....

Then the big brown one wanted to jump on the chair next to me
(where there was still a box full of tiny beads, that I used earlier)

The pillow and the box slipped from the chair

hmmmm !
we felt a LOT like Cinderella afterwards.

(lessons to be learned :
don't leave the box on a chair
don't leave the box open) 


I unrolled the dye bundle with the leaves ...

Not over the moon, but somewhat satisfied

See you tomorrow !

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