zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

day 29

No time
to go to the Stitch'nBitch
in Rotterdam today :
still stitching Textile Jewels.

I drew some new templates on felt
(some commissions are waiting till this month is over)
I choose some lovely sea green felt for today.

A big envelope reached its destination safely
and others went in the mail.

The Pink Ribbon  textile jewel for day  29

A sea glass green felt brooch
(5 cm diameter)
with a delicately striped back,
embroidered with a couched silk spiral,
with sequins and seed beads.

(not many chances left !)

€ 10 

and this sea green Textile Jewel is yours
to keep, or to give away
All you need to do is send me an email at
(or leave a message at the comments)

All the money will go to the Pink Ribbon fund.


Soooo much to choose from ...

this lovely variegated (rayon) thread
I bought from the French site of Emma
tends to get tangled up constantly
while making French knots !!!
(now they only have silks ... didn't have those yet)
But it looks so nice !

See you tomorrow with a new Textile Jewel !

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