zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

day 8 (and VKG day)

Before I present my new Jewel
I have to tell you about where I was today :

I was invited to show my Sara Lechner Challenge house
at the membership meeting of the Dutch felters association

I was going to meet some people I knew for some time
(but had never seen in "real life"!)

It was a LOT of  FUN
to meet old ánd new felting friends.
I didn't participate in the little felting project
but looked at and talked to
a lot of very nice women.

Because some knew of my Pink Ribbon project
I took the Textile Jewels that weren't yet sold
(and some extra like I made last year)
and guess what :

All of them !!!

Thank you sooooo much Jolan and Ellen !
(and all the sweet ladies that donated)

But as you can probably understand :
I have to go to my next "reserve Jewel"
(I took my little embroidery kit with me today ...
but nothing was completed ...)

So here is Pink Ribbon textile for day 8

A square jade green pendant
embroidered with a spiral, with a bright green silk back.
Some beads and a tassel and
it hangs on a long aqua thin cord.

( 4 x 9 cm)

 On the backside :
a four-leaf clover
(suited for this special day !!!)

A donation of 

€ 10

briengs this pendant to you !
Just send me an email at



Some impressions of the VKG day


See you tomorrow !!!

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