vrijdag 28 oktober 2016


Don't know how it works ...
but it does !
I'm still in the flow of making these Textile Jewels

I hardly ever have a plan
before I start in the morning.
Mostly I go through my little pieces of felt,
look at the embroidery floss,
the many boxes of seed beads,
and just start !
It was only once
(I think three weeks ago)
that I stopped what I was doing
and started with an entirely different piece.
I think I'm lucky.

The Pink Ribbon  textile jewel for day  28

Lilac / purple square pendant of hand dyed felt
(and hand dyed cotton back)
embroidered with a couched spiral of thick hand dyed silk,
with seed beads, sequins and French knots all around it
and a mother-of-pearl flat bead
(6,5  x  8,5 cm)
on a 80 cm long wax cord.


€ 10

is the price for this mysterious pendant.
You can buy it as a present
for yourself  (why not ...) or someone dear.
Just send me an email at
or leave a message at the "comments"

All the money (you know by now) is for the Pink Ribbon fund.

"purple rain"

See you tomorrow with another Textile Jewel !

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm pretty sure it works because you are a very talented lady :-)

    1. Thanks Kat !
      It's a lovely task I set out for myself
      (and a very good cause !)

  2. I love these little treasures you are making recently Els....I can see why they would become addictive.

    1. Thanks Karen !
      Ha, you know yourself how this works .... ;-)