dinsdag 18 oktober 2016

day 18

I was stitching all of this morning.
For some of the work I even used the day-light lamp.
When I had to do some shopping in the afternoon
there were clouds
but nothing too serious ...
(I thought)

I visited a friend
in an old school building
but when I came out :
there was a really downpour !!!
(... and no rain coat ...)

My  Pink Ribbon  textile jewel for this wet day  18 :

A cobalt blue brooch, embroidered  in blues
and with shiny purple sequins
(and a single blue one in the middle)
like droplets
For the back I had some snippet "Kaffe Fassett"
(yet another one !)


€ 10

donation for Pink Ribbon
(or a bit more)
and this startling blue rain cloud
brightens up your day and your sweater or coat !
Just send me an email at

"rain cloud

See you tomorrow with again a new Textile Jewel !

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