vrijdag 11 oktober 2019

day 11

This time an early one
(because we're having dinner
with family)

I picked one of my dried pieces
and white silk to stitch.

The  PINK RIBBON  Textile Jewel
for day 11 :

a wet felted hollow brooch
with some shining gold inside,
stitched with silk and metallic thread,
(fly, detached chain stitch and French knots) 
and some seed beads.
(5 cm , 2")

For a donation of at least

  € 10  


this white beauty can be yours.
A lovely present for someone dear.
(or perhaps just for yourself)

You can send me an email at
leave a comment down here,
and we'll arrange everything so it can be send to you,
wherever you may live.

ALL the money you donate goes to the PINK RIBBON Fund !


See you tomorrow
with a new Textile Jewel !

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