vrijdag 4 oktober 2019

day 4

What a dark autumn day it was today !
I even had to use my daylight lamp
to do the stitching !!!

So pictures are taken inside
(and one just outside the garden door
when the rain stopped for ten minutes)

The  PINK  RIBBON Textile Jewel
for day  4

A wet felted hollow oval (with a hole)
stitched with silk , rayon and cotton
and some seed beads.
(5 x 7 cm)

This funny looking shape
would look great on any coat or sweater !

For a donation of at least

€ 10


it can be yours to wear
or give away !

Just send me an email at
or say so in the comments down below
and all will be arranged !

ALL the money will go to  PINK  RIBBON !


See you tomorrow
with a new Textile Jewel for PINK  RIBBON !

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