donderdag 24 oktober 2019

day 24

There are some little felted pieces waiting for me
The only question ts now :
which one do I pick today ?

It turned out to be the bright yellow one !

This is the PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel
for today, day 24 :

A wet felted hollow brooch in bold yellow, orange and pink ! 
Inside are sequins, outside, apart from the beads,
stitched with rayon, special hand dyed cord, sewing thread and floss
and gold thread.

Who dares wearing this bold splash of colour ?

For a donation of at least

  € 10  


this bright jewel can be yours.
It comes to you by snail mail
and would make a wonderful present too !
Just send me an email at
and all will be arranged from there.

ALL the money goes to PINK RIBBON !


I hope to see you tomorrow for another
PINK RIBBON Textile Jewel !

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