vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

day 10

It was just too bad we had heavy overcast 
on Wednesday evening,
so there was NO full moon for me to see that night
(and I just as well missed it the night before)

Probably that's why,
when I was struggling a bit
with a theme for my today's mandala,
that the full moon "came up"
(and stayed there)

Here's Pink Ribbon mandala number ten

"moon dance"

Karisma colour pencil on fine watercolour paper  (A5)
mandala  12cm  (5")  in diameter


If you would want this original artwork 
for yourself or as a birthday present for someone dear
you can contact me at fiberrainbow@gmail.com
It costs  € 10, -  (+ postage)

Let's dance a bit this weekend
I'll see you tomorrow

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