vrijdag 24 oktober 2014

day 24

A day with clouds, a drizzle,
so not very bright outside and rather dark inside.

That should not be a problem :
when there IS no sun
you can imagine one  !

That's why there is a lot of sunshine in my mandala today.
The flowers are inspired by a warm Indonesian batik.
(ha ... also put on yellow clothes)

The Pink Ribbon mandala for day number twenty-four

"my favourite star"

Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A4)
the mandala itself is  14 cm  (5.5")  in diameter

If you need a bit of long-lasting sunshine
you can buy this original artwork.
Just email me at fiberrainbow@gmail.com
and we'll arrange the rest of it.
It costs  € 24, -  (+ postage)
All the money will go to Pink Ribbon.

I liked the quote I saw today :

Logic brings you from A to B
imagination brings you everywhere


(see you tomorrow)

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  1. it's very grey and drizzly here too Els. Your artwork brightened a dull day in England!