maandag 20 oktober 2014

day 20

What a lovely party we had :
with lots of family and dear friends,
Though I must say, it was like always, when you give a party yourself :
you're running around with coffee, tea, cake
with beverages, chips, olives, cheese and crackers,
and in the end with soup, rolls and salads,
and you don't have time to make good conversation
with any of your guests ...
but, they're having a good time !
Ahhh ... I'm really not complaining :
I had a good time too

So I slept in a bit this morning
and had some quiet time
drawing my mandala
(thinking of a friend who's sister is having major surgery;
I hope all has gone well !)

This is the Pink Ribbon mandala for day twenty

"I'm holding you tight"

Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A5)
the mandala itself is  12 cm  (5")  in diameter


(and on it's way to the hospital)

If you want this original artwork
you can send me an email at
it costs  € 20, -  (+ postage)
and the money goes to Pink Ribbon

Take care of each other

(see you tomorrow)

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