maandag 27 oktober 2014

day 27

I don't know why ...
It is a perfect sunny autumn day
and yet
there was a fierce wind blowing in my mandala today !
Might be why there's not too much colour in it.
(are we getting storm soon ?
don't think so
but ... you never know)

My Pink Ribbon mandala for day number twenty-seven

"autumn wind"

Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A4)
the mandala is  14 cm  (5.5")  in diameter

If you love the fierce wind, you can have this original artwork,
 you just have to send me an email at
It costs  € 27, -  (+ postage)

To show you that it really is a nice sunny day
look at this picture of our garden this morning :

quiet sunny weather.
Though Autumn is really there !

(see you tomorrow)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You are so talented, Els! What a gorgeous mandala! I've been very short on time lately (as we all often are!) and not checking in, in my blogging world...I've missed seeing lots of your projects, and will enjoy reading throgh all you've been doing today!
    Beautiful work! xoFiona