dinsdag 14 oktober 2014

day 14 ... and a birthday ! (14 - 10 - 14)

there is a birthday boy !
Ahhhh nice age : 37
(or .... was it the other way round ???)
Anyway we had a rather quiet day,
with all the grandchildren
and pancakes in the end.
But the real party is this Sunday.

Because Jude, in her small journeys, is talking
about the "her" nine patch
it apparently rubs off !

Here is my Pink Ribbon mandala for day number fourteen

"for the love of nine"

Karisma colour pencils on fine watercolour paper  (A5)
The mandala is  12 cm  (5")  in diameter

If you love stitching you might want to have this original artwork.
Please send me an email to fiberrainbow@gmail.com
It costs  € 14, - (+ postage €1,28 in Holland and
€ 2,10 anywhere else)
The money all goes to Pink Ribbon

(see you tomorrow)

and :

(daughter's present : homemade carrot cake : mmmmmm !)

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