vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

day 3

This third October was (again) unusually warm.
I was invited by my dear UK friend Jane
to go to the "Handwerkbeurs"
(craft fair) in Rijswijk.
The good idea was to go by boat/metro and train
instead of driving there by car ...
rush hour isn't very pleasant on Fridays !

It was a wonderful day and we both bought
some yummy goodies from different stalls. 
(thanks Jane, it was great !)

So I must confess I'm cheating a bit :
I did today's Pink Ribbon mandala already yesterday.

This is number three

"an apple a day ..... "

Karisma colour pencil on fine water colour paper (A5)
the mandala is 12 cm (5") in diameter


If you like this original artwork
you can email me on fiberrainbow@gmail.com 
it will cost you € 3,- (+ postage)

(see you tomorrow)

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