zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

day 18

I started drawing my daily mandala early this morning
but I could not finish it, 
I had to go to Rotterdam.
I took with me mandala number seven
for a friend of the Stitch'nBitch group.
That was easy : special delivery by hand  ;-)
(sorry I can't do that to all of you)
And another one was sold too !

I missed the boat I wanted to return on,
so I payed a short visit to a friend
who lives downtown
(and nearly missed the next departure !) 
There were still some preparations for tomorrow's party
so I only just finished the mandala.
I made the picture with the daylight lamp
I use for stitching on dark rainy days
but here it is
the Pink Ribbon mandala for day eighteen

"starry starry night ..."

Karisma colourpencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A5)
the mandala itself is  12 cm  (5")  in diameter

If you love this original artwork you can buy it for yourself 
or somebody else. Please let me know by leaving a message at (or here in the comment space)
It costs  € 18, -  (+ postage)
The money goes to Pink Ribbon breast cancer research

(see you tomorrow)

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