maandag 13 oktober 2014

day 13 (and a trip to town)

Drawing my mandala,
and then a quick tour to Rotterdam
for some shopping.

First of all 
the most important thing this month :
Pink Ribbon mandala number thirteen

"the quick brown ..."

Karisma colour pencils on fine watercolour paper  (A5)
The mandala is  12 cm  (5")  in diameter

I you like this fox, or have it as a present for someone dear
(Christmas or "Sinterklaas" isn't that far away)
you can send an email to
It costs  € 13, -  (+ postage)
And all the money goes to Pink Ribbon


So ... I made my trip to Rotterdam by boat,
as usual, and bike.

Holland has a lot of water
so a lot of bridges too !

On my way to the city, with all the bikes ...

and at the end of my trip in the center of the city

where the former office building (now a hotel) of the old
Holland - America - Line
is dwarfed by the new Port of Rotterdam building
and the Montevideo appartment building

I also visited the new Market Hal
a spectacular design
(and far from finished)
It is an arch-like building
with appartments on the outside
and a huge hall with little shops inside.

People in Rotterdam have already come up with a nickname for it :
the "Rotterdam Sistine Chapel"

The outside

Just looking through
you can see the "Pencil" (another nickname) an appartment building.

To the left, including a portret of the "Sint-Laurenskerk"  
whereof only the tower and the outside walls
were about the only bits that were still standing downtown,
after the big bombing of Rotterdam in May 1940

and to the right, more fruits and flowers.
Perhaps you can understand the nickname now ?

Little shops and stalls : just like a market
(though not as cheap as on the real market ...)

(see you tomorrow,
a special day for Man)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Your guiding animal! The fox mandala is beautiful. And Rotterdam looks quite impressing.

  2. Now if I would just step out of my own box once in a while .. and do what you do I'd have known we both did a fox on the same day .. too funny!!!! I LOVE that you are doing a daily practice too .. do you look forward to the creativity of it every day? I'll tell you I never expected to be so busy when I got started on this.. I mean it is true, I must have been going backwards I was so stagnate with inactivity that this daily practice has been the best thing for me .. So I am going to figure out how I can follow you . I wish I got your posts in my email then I would remember to come over every day .. I do so want to support your doing this!!! So keep going .. looks fantastic I love your fox.