woensdag 29 oktober 2014

day 29

What a drizzly day it was
just a normal October autumn day
(only we had so few of them that we forgot ...)

I started the day with a LOT of autumn colour :
a friend needed her hair dyed with henna
and I don't mind applying

After that I had time to make my drawing.
I dreamed this up yesterday :
two figures sitting back to back
with birds over their heads.

I remember when I was little, what fun it was,
standing back to back, arms hooked into each other
and rocking from one to the other
(till one fell over, most of the time)

My Pink Ribbon mandala for day number twenty-nine


Karisma colour pencils on heavy weight drawing paper  (A4)
the mandala is  14 cm  (5.5")  in diameter 


If you would like to have this original artwork
you can send me an email at
It costs  € 29, -  (+ postage)

Though it was a dark day
the autumn colours are wonderful

lovely reds and yellow
(the oak it not from our garden)

the leaves didn't rub off  :
that was the henna

(see you tomorrow)

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