zaterdag 4 oktober 2014

day 4

When I started my drawing this morning 
I was thinking of Tammy 
and how she said there was a moment of sitting still
required before starting.
(I told her it was the same with me ...)

I started with a square,
like a window
or something like a painting on the wall,
but then I made it into a
nine patch
There came a person,
who was looking through the window
or at the nine patch.
Then a bird
and another one,
Things, thoughts, streaming, flowing in the wind
(when I'm drawing like that I don't know where it all will end :
my hand has a mind of it's own)

Here is Pink Ribbon mandala number  four

"thoughts about nine"

(I called it ... )

Karisma colour pencils on fine watercolour paper (A5)
mandala 12 cm (5") in diameter

If you would like to have this original artwork
please send me an email to
It costs  € 4, - (+ postage)

HA .....  FUNNY ...
right before I was starting to write this post
I looked at Jude Hill's blog
(like I always do when I start up the machine)
there was a new nine patch in indigo and white :
a new beginning in her new series "small journeys"

,,, hmmmm ... I might have picked up the vibes ...

An envelope came in the post with a new felted piece in RED
from Pauline of the felting exchange

With lots of slits and loops to hang it  ;-)

Thanks Pauline


These were the goodies I brought home yesterday

(see you tomorrow)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The felt looks like it has a life of its own, Els, it looks so vibrant! And I love your mandala too. Lxx

  2. Hi Els, how are you ? I've been away down the South Coast just catching up on your blog. Is it getting cooler up at your end of the world weather warming up down here :) when I was away I bought a book called The Mandala Bible when I was looking at it in the book shop I thought of you and your mandalas I'm Hoping when I get some time on my hands I can do a mandala painting.

  3. i love this drawing a lot...Being Held while Holding....very very Nice...