zondag 5 oktober 2014

day 5

Sorry if I'm a bit late
that happens sometimes.

But here is Pink Ribbon mandala number five

"red meets blue"

Karisma colourpencil on fine water colour paper  (A5)
mandala  12 cm  (5") in diameter


If you would like to have this original artwork
you can send me an email at fiberrainbow@gmail.com
The price is € 5, -  (+ postage) 
and the money will be a donation to Pink Ribbon.


Apart from drawing a mandala ... something else happend today :
I won an original small painting !

There is this one of a kind initiative 

365 paintings for hope

He is a painter who lives with his wife on a Greek island
and for one year he gives away a painting every day
Go check out their website for this 
amazing original act of kindness
Mmmmm ... there really is HOPE !

Just click on Peter's name
and find out for yourself

(see you tomorrow)

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