maandag 12 oktober 2015

day 12

Ohhh, it was really cold today.
I searched ánd found my gloves 
when I went to the post office
to send two envelopes with jewels away.
Two are waiting a bit,
and the other sold jewels are already "at home"
because the people who've bought them 
live in the neighbourhood.

In fact it was already a bit too dark 
to take pictures when I was finished,
(the pictures of the other finished jewel are really bad)
but .... here it is.

Pink Ribbon  jewel  12

A dark red hollow oval, with sequins inside
9 x 4,5 cm
(3.5 x 1.7")

small canoe

(hmmm ... looks great on a sturdy winter coat)

No embroidery ???
Am I getting lazy or bored ?
not in the least !
But I do think that some people like a felted jewel
just "plain"...  felt ... as it is !
I sometimes hesitate to embroider these small felted jewels,
not because I don't like it anymore
but because I have to choose between
embroidery or leaving them as they are !



€ 10, -

donation to Pink Ribbon you can have this 
small felted jewel.
Send me an email at
or you can just leave a comment down here.
Would you rather have this one embroidered ?
just tell me so   ;-) 

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

I just told you it was COLD today.
That's why 
I don't understand  :

this !?!

Dear Primrose, don't you know it's autumn ?
That also winter has to go by before it's your turn in spring

hmmmm  ... this one too !

See you tomorrow

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