maandag 19 oktober 2015

day 19

An early one
because I had been working on this one before
(but it had to wait for the pin )

Pink Ribbon  felted jewel  19

Spiral in greens
Embroidered with "french knots"
and golden speckles
5 cm
(nearly 2")



A donation of

€ 10, -

to the Pink Ribbon fund
is all you need for this symbol of growth.

If you would like to have this felted jewel
for yourself or as a present for someone dear,
please send me an email at
but you can also tell me at "comments"

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

See you tomorrow woth the next felted jewel

And today is the last day you can enter your name 
for the blogaversary giveaway

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