donderdag 15 oktober 2015

day 15

I was lucky 
to have one felted jewel ready 
to embroider today.

For the first time I used 
almost nothing but beads,
tiny beads.
Some were even too small 
for my special beading needle !
(and that one isn't really suited for stitching through felt)

(the pictures are taken with lamp light !)

Pink Ribbon felted jewel 15

A small hollow brooch in red
(with a first layer of dark pink) and golden mesh inside,
stitched with beads in red and pink.
4,5 cm  (1.7")

red crown


If you want this little jewel,

€ 10, -

to the Pink Ribbon fund
and it will come to you send by post.
Just let me know at
but you can also tell me by leaving a comment
at the bottom of this post.

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

It was good working with some coffee and ...
a delicious brownie : yesterday's leftover.

So now the last one of my "first batch" is finished too.

See you tomorrow !

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