donderdag 1 oktober 2015

Pink Ribbon : day 1

October is Pink Ribbon month.

Pink Ribbon wants to find money
 to pay for research and finding  the best probable treatment and aftercare
for breastcancer patients.
It's a matter in which I'm personally involved,
that's why I feel so strongly about this.

Here is my first felted and embroidered jewel :

a sea green "urchin-like" wet felted brooch
(with a bit of yellow inside)
embroidered with aqua and bright green
with tiny golden speckles
4,5 cm (1.8")

  SOLD !

(with some extra donation !!! Thanks Delia !)

for  € 10, - 
 it comes to you by mail wherever you live.
(Send me an e-mail and we can arrange the rest)

On this brooch I did not sew a pin yet !

These little felted jewels can be used as a brooch,
someone bold might want it for an earring
of rather a pendant
(or even leave it just as it is :
hmmmmm between your sea glass stones ???)

You decide how you want to use it 
and I see to it that it has the right things attached to it

All of your money will be donated to Pink Ribbon !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, Els. Very lovely piece. I see you're heavily into felting now.

  2. Prachtig initiatief...! Ik ga zeker iets kopen deze maand bij jou...!

  3. dear els

    if this isn`t yet sold I would like to byu it.
    I really admire this project,