donderdag 8 oktober 2015

day 8

Today I've been busy felting again
because I need some new stock 
of pieces ready to embroider.
They will be a bit different in shape
than the hollow circles
of the last few days.

Here is the sunny piece 
I started embroidering on the boat yesterday.

Pink Ribbon felted jewel  8

An orangy dark yellow brooch, 
embroidered with variegated and shiny floss and tiny golden speckles,
with pink and golden mesh inside

little bright star


You can buy this brooch
for a donation of

€ 10, - 

Send me an email at
or use the comment form further down.

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon
which gathers money for research into better treatment
and aftercare for breastcancer patients
(women ánd men !)

Another update :
the brooch of day  1
is also sold !
(and will travel to the south east of Germany)

See you tomorrow !

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