vrijdag 9 oktober 2015

day 9

Felting and stitching 
was what I was doing today.

The fun part was finding new ways to make a jewel.
At night ideas are swirling in my head
and it's no fun to notice
that some of these ideas are gone again
when it's morning
But playing with bits and pieces
brings back "old " ideas and creates new ones as well.

Pink Ribbon  felted jewel  9

 A light blue square with a magenta felt ball inside,
embroidered with wool and shiny floss

Thin weave wool to embroider, bought in Hoorn
(on my lovely day out Caroline)

happy  blues


For the donation of 

€ 10, -

to Pink Ribbon this felted jewel can be yours
(or make a lovely present for someone dear)
Just send me an email at
or you can also leave a note down at "comments"

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !

It looks wonderful on jeans !

See you tomorrow !

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Jedes Einzelne eine Kostbarkeit für eine gute Sache !
    Wunderschöne Stickerei auf Filz.
    LG Angela

  2. Oh Els, was für wunderschöne klöeine Kunstwerke!
    Mit lieben Grüßen,