woensdag 21 oktober 2015

day 21

I'm very busy felting.
Not the small jewels
but something a lot bigger than that.
(but only sneak peeks of that one)

Pink Ribbon  felted jewel  21

A spiral, from purple to green
with a tiny purple Swarovski crystal in the center
(no embroidery for this one 
because the change in colours is so lovely)
4,5 cm  (1.7")




€ 10, -

donation to the Pink Ribbon fund
this special "drop" of water
can be yours.
Just send me an email at
or leave a comment at this post

All the money will go to Pink Ribbon !


The other project of today ...
Deciding how I put down the different layers 
always takes up a lot of time !

It's autumn ...
that is getting more clearly every day now

The last bursts of colour
before the leaves will fall.

See you tomorrow with the next felted jewel !

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